• UFOTOG and the MAGI process

    UFOTOG at the Seattle Cinerama Sci-Fi Film Festival

    Welcome to the site, we are in the process of implementing upgrades.
    We have just completed UFOTOG, a ten minute experimental demonstrative film.
    UFOTOG has been created using our MAGI process, involving 3D 4K 120fps imagery.
    Trumbull Studios is now fully equipped and prepared to commence production of our first feature using MAGI, along with extensive virtual technologies and techniques on our stage.

    Please take a look at our temporary trailer for UFOTOG:

    Download the Press Release Here.

  • Welcome to the New Site

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    We are under construction, feel free to look around while the dust is settling.

    Over the next weeks, we'll be adding piles of archival images, video, and articles either by Doug or about his work. On pages featuring image galleries, we encourage you to click the Fullscreen icon on the Cooliris widget.

    You will be given the opportunity to install the Cooliris plugin for your browser. Accepting this installation allows you to enjoy the photo gallery in superior immersive Full-Screen. You'll be glad you did.

    Happy browsing, and come back often as we'll be adding content for some time to come.